Hammayun Zulfiqar Rana
02 Sep 2018

Rana’s research will focus on HI-AWARE’s Research Component 3: monitoring and assessment of climate change adaptation practices. He will be working in the Lai Nullah Basin, part of the Soan River Basin which lies in the mid-hill region of the Indus River Basin. The broad objective of his Master’s research is to carry out land use assessment through urban change detection and assessments of hydrological responses to climate change and land use change with regards to flood events; analysis of flood plain zoning; and identification of climate resilience and adaptation strategies. As the first study of its kind, Rana’s research will be beneficial to policy makers and stakeholders working in flood hazards to decide on adaptation and mitigation strategies ahead of time.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, and has received a Geographic Information Systems diploma from Cairo Institute of Technology, Egypt. His research interests include climate change impacts on hydrological response, assessment of adaptation measures and approaches, and roles of institutions and stakeholders in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. He has worked as a UN volunteer in Sudan, served as Project Manager for the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency, and executed various water supply projects—including a foreign-funded rain water harvesting project—in remote parts of Kashmir.