Maria Javed
02 Sep 2018

Javed’s research will focus on HI-AWARE Research Components 1 and 3: Bio-physical Drivers and Conditions Leading to Climate Vulnerability, and Monitoring and Assessment of Climate Change Adaptation Practices, respectively. She is working in the Soan River Basin located in the mid-hill region of the Indus Basin. The objective of her study is to investigate climate change scenarios and identify the impacts of climate change on water resources (supply and demand) at the basin scale. Additionally, the study focuses on how to manage water resources for green growth. Literature reviews on existing climate change adaptation practices (if any) and the identification of the best-possible strategies in the given scenarios are also part of her research.

She is an Agricultural Engineering graduate from the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan. While an intern at the National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, she helped design an automatic drip irrigation system using solar energy. Her current research interests are impacts of climate, land use changes and use of modern technology in growth and development. She loves travelling, community service and watching movies.