Md Abdullah Al Mamun
02 Sep 2018

Mamun’s MPhil research title is “Rural Livelihood Adaptations to Climate Change in the Flood Plains of the Brahmaputra River Basin: A Comprehensive Study on Sustainable Rural Development”. His research area includes a catchment of the lower Teesta River. He will study the changing patterns of livelihood in the Teesta floodplain as a result of changes in the discharge of water. The rural people of this area are trying to cope with the changing situation through changes in livelihood and housing patterns. His research will emphasise on sustainable development because proper use of surface and underground water will make this flood plain friendlier for future generations.

Mamun completed his BSc and MSc from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies of Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. He joined the Bangladesh Civil Service as a Lecturer of Geography at the Abdulpur Government College.