Sijal Pokharel
02 Sep 2018

Pokharel wants to focus her research on HI-AWARE’s Research Component 3, which is related to the monitoring and assessment of climate change adaptation practices. She wants to work at the community level, analysing socio-economic aspects and the livelihoods of people through the perspective of gender. Her research interests are climate change vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation, and water-induced disasters.

She recently conducted case studies on: 1) water demand, availability and water related issues in Goljung VDC, Rasuwa, and 2) an overview of agriculture in Goljung. She is a core committee member of Community for Environment Conservation, and has participated in “Awareness on Improved Cooking Stove Installation”, in Baigundhura VDC and Tophgachi VDC of Eastern Nepal. Her hobbies include reading books, writing articles and poems, photography, visiting new places and hiking.