Adapt Before It’s Too Late: Adaptation pathways in the Hindu Kush Himalaya
11 Oct 2018

Key Message: Adaptation requires careful consideration of what to do when in order to sustain development efforts over time.

Assessment of when people are most vulnerable guides adaptation to offer fit-for-purpose solutions to people in different socio-cultural contexts. Critical climate stress moments are already experienced across different sectors in the Hindu Kush Himalaya. People are coping, yet not prepared enough for future changes in climate. For timely adaptation it is crucial to assess when turning points for decision-making are reached.

HI-AWARE started the development of adaptation pathways in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region. Making adaptation pathways helps to assess whether development is sustainable within the context of climate change and when adaptations are needed. In order for development plans to be climate-resilient they need to include choices and actions that reduce climate change impacts to sustain development efforts over time. Participatory development of adaptation pathways helps to prepare for change and facilitate the transformation needed for adaptation.