Students' Dissertation

Kashif Jamal, Students' Dissertation, 2016

Investigation of streamflows in high–altitude cryosphere due to the changing climate is an immense challenge under inadequate climate records. The current study compares the efficiency of rainfall–runoff model (HEC–HMS) and the snowmelt–runoff model (SRM) for current climate in Hunza River catchment. Landsat–5 & 8 imagery was selected for land cover classification and change detection using Earth Recourses Data Analysis System (ERDAS) Imagine tool.


Hammayun Zulfiqar Rana, Students' Dissertation, 2016

Impact of climate change has not only significantly altered hydrologic process but will also continue to influence events of extreme flood disasters in future. Rainfall-runoff models which simulate the catchment responses are frequently used to study prediction of flooding events and future hydrological scenario. Owing to profound impact of climate change and the extensive flood events, formulation of effective flood mitigation & adaptation strategies has assumed added significance.


Maria Javed, Students' Dissertation, 2018

Freshwater “inadequacy” and security have been determined to be chief global environmental problems of 21st century. But it is unusually difficult to specify the type of global water crisis which the world is facing right now (Srinivasan et al., 2012) despite the global population is estimated to rise to about 9 billion by 2050 (Gleick and Palaniappan, 2010).