HI-AWARE Identified the Changemakers
10 Oct 2018

“HI-AWARE has identified changemakers, i.e. community members that went above and beyond the interactions that our researchers had with them. These individuals aligned themselves and their efforts with HI-AWARE’s in raising awareness on climate change impacts as well as raising awareness on how their lives were being impacted. Below are two examples of Changemakers from India.

Changemakers are those that are willing to take risk – Gita Devi from West Champaran, Bihar, mobilized community members to raise awareness on the need of eco-san toilets during flood times.With support from Megh Pyne Abhiyan flood affected households like Gita Devi’s have constructed these eco-san toilets for secure sanitation during flood times.

Meena Devi from Uttarakhand helped our teams build important linkages with community groups. But she also raised awareness on human wildlife conflict as well.”