BCAS: Meeting with IDRC grantees in Bangladesh.
29 Aug 2016 - 29 Aug 2016 at Hotel Sarina, Banai, Dhaka
Contact Person: Dr Md Abu Sayed
Type: Meeting

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has been supporting research in Bangladesh since 1974. The major thematic areas #IDRC supports in Bangladesh include improving farmer livelihoods, better poverty monitoring, fighting dengue fever, urban health equity, economics and the environment. Currently there are two major programs of IDRC, namely Think Tank Initiatives (TTI) and Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiatives in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) are working to inform the policies based on the researches. In addition, recently IDRC  has granted another project aiming at improving the livelihoods of urban residents through reducing climate change impacts in cities. In essence, if these projects converge on supporting policy decisions based on the evidence, it may be worthwhile if one learns from the other and collaborate on various common interest themes.

As a part of HI-AWARE’s stakeholder engagement strategy, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) in collaboration with IDRC organized a half day discussions with IDRC grantees in Bangladesh. This meeting is organized to help institutions learn about each other on their research respective priorities and to explore potential synergies.The objectives of the workshop are to:


(i) Share views and understanding on the development of climate policies including adaptation in Bangladesh;

(ii) Engaging various stakeholders through policy dialogues with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of climate policy and adaptation in practice;

(iii) Expertise and contacts to complement Research into Use strategies;


Tentative Program

09 30 – 10 00:  Registration

10 00 – 1015:   Introduction to the program and expectations from the program – Kallur Subrammanyam Murali

1015 – 10 45:   Introduction to CARIAA and activities in Bangladesh (15 minutes each by BCAS and BUET)

1045 – 11 15:   Introduction to TTI activities in Bangladesh (15 minutes each by CPD and BIGD)

1115 – 1130:    Tea/coffee break

1130 – 1145:    Introduction to ROAD program

1145 – 1230:    Structured Discussions

1145 – 1200:    Think tank expectations from CARIAA and Road                               

1200 – 1215:    CARIAA expectations from Think Tank and Road

1215 -1230:      ROAD expectations from CARIAA and Think Tanks

1230 – 1315:    Way forward to collaborate with timeline